What Are the Must-Haves For Mommy Makeover Recovery?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 04/10/2021

Preparing for your mommy makeover surgery helps ensure that you feel your best during recovery.


Will You Have Swelling After Breast Aug With Fat Grafting?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 03/27/2021

Breast augmentation with fat grafting offers breast augmentation without implants in Tampa, FL.


Do You Have to be A Certain Weight for Liposuction?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 03/21/2021

During a consultation, a plastic surgeon can answer your questions about weight requirements for liposuction.


Am I Too Skinny For A Fat Transfer to Buttocks?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 03/13/2021

A fat transfer can be performed on the buttocks to add volume on nearly any size patient.


Eight Questions to Ask When Considering Mommy Makeover Surgery

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 03/08/2021

When you want to have a mommy makeover, you need to look for a board-certified plastic surgeon.


How Much Fat is Needed For Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 02/26/2021

A fat transfer is performed on the body to add volume to various areas, like breast enhancement.


Can Liposuction Reshape My Thighs?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 02/17/2021

Liposuction is a fat reduction procedure that offers stubborn fat removal to various parts of the body.


How Facial Fat Grafting Brings Sunken Cheeks Back to Life

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 02/11/2021

Facial fat grafting can be used on different parts of the face to help rectify signs of aging.


Five Body Areas Improved With Mommy Makeover Surgery

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 02/03/2021

Mommy makeover surgery improves different areas of the body after pregnancy in Tampa, FL.


I Got Pregnant After Liposuction. What Should I Expect?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 01/29/2021

Learn how pregnancy will affect your liposuction results in Tampa, FL.


How Many Cup Sizes Can You Gain With Fat Transfer to Breast?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 01/20/2021

A fat transfer in Tampa is a natural breast augmentation and enhances breast size.


How much fat do you need for a fat transfer?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 01/16/2021

A fat transfer can be performed to the cheeks, lower eyelids, breasts, or buttocks to add volume.


How to Prepare For Your Mommy Makeover

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 01/09/2021

Preparing for mommy makeover surgery properly allows for the best possible results.


Will Liposuction Tighten Sagging Skin?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 12/29/2020

Liposuction is a fat reduction surgery that contours the skin but doesn’t help skin elasticity.


How Long Can Breast Augmentation With Fat Grafting Last?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 12/23/2020

Breast augmentation with fat grafting helps patients achieve fuller breasts without breast implants.


Will Facial Fat Grafting Change the Shape of Your Face?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 12/15/2020

Facial fat grafting resolves signs of aging on the face while smoothing out wrinkles.


Can I Get A Mommy Makeover If I Am Overweight?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 12/10/2020

Understanding if you’re a candidate for a mommy makeover in Tampa, FL is important.


Will Liposuction Get Rid of My Stubborn Belly Fat?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 11/24/2020

During a consultation, our plastic surgeon can determine if you’re eligible for liposuction in Tampa.


How to Achieve Fuller Breasts Without Implants

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 11/20/2020

A fat transfer breast augmentation can reproportion fat in the body to help patients in Tampa, FL achieve full breasts.


Five Reasons to Consider A Fat Transfer in Tampa

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang | 11/10/2020

A fat transfer allows patients to add volume to areas where they have lost weight.


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