Brazilian Butt Lift in Tampa, FL

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About The Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is a popular and effective way to attain a fuller, shapelier posterior. Because of significant weight loss, aging, gravity, or genetics, patients may experience a flat bottom. During a Brazilian butt lift treatment, Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang adds volume to the buttocks using a fat transfer. A fat transfer utilizes liposuction to remove stubborn fat from your stomach, thighs, or hips, then transfers it to your buttocks. At Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Tampa, FL, Dr. Mang is an expert surgeon who can contour your posterior and provide beautiful, natural-looking results.

What To Expect?

During your consultation, Dr. Mang will determine if you have good skin laxity and enough fat for the transfer process. If you do, we use liposuction to extract stubborn fat from the stomach, hips, or thighs. Next, the extracted fat is purified and injected into the buttocks. Until achieving the desired result, this step is repeated several times. Following your surgery, you will need to care for both the liposuctioned area and the buttocks, and you will experience some discomfort. It takes around 4 – 6 weeks to see a more round and shapely rear end.

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQ

How much does a Brazilian butt lift cost?
The total cost for your Brazilian butt lift (BBL) includes the costs for both fat transfer and liposuction surgery, anesthesia, facility fees, as well as pre-and post-operative care. When Dr. Mang has developed your BBL surgical plan, he will be able to give you cost estimates. It's best to concentrate on getting the results you want from a doctor you feel comfortable with, like Dr. Mang, so we'll help make your BBL affordable. Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery takes several payments, and we can give you information on low-interest financing.

Should I get implants or a fat transfer?
If you want to increase the volume of your butt, you get butt augmentation using either silicone implants or a fat transfer, which is commonly called a Brazilian butt lift. During your initial consultation, Dr. Mang will discuss both methods and help you choose which best matches your body and wants. He will also examine your body to find the best areas that would benefit from liposuction (typically the thighs, back, or stomach). If you have a low body fat percentage, you may not be a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift.

How long will my results last?
While some fat may be reabsorbed after your BBL, the majority of the fat cells will remain in your buttocks for many years. To keep your results, you need to maintain a steady weight because significant weight gain or loss will compromise your BBL results. That's why Dr. Mang suggests you be at a healthy, stable weight before your Brazilian butt lift — so it is easier for you to maintain.

How can I recover faster after a BBL?
If you want to minimize your recovery after a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Mang or a member of his team will go over post-surgical instructions and tips. You will need to avoid sitting on your buttocks for at least two weeks as the area heals. Dr. Mang suggests you have a Boppy nursing or donut-shaped pillow that allows you to sit down with pressure placed on your legs instead of your buttocks. Light stretching and short walks will help to improve your blood flow and decrease inflammation. Dr. Mang may also recommend a lymphatic drainage massage that can help your recovery.

Will a Brazilian butt lift remove loose skin?
While it's called a Brazilian butt lift, this name is a little confusing because it's not actually a butt lift (gluteoplasty), which corrects loose skin in the butt. However, the extra volume transferred to your buttocks during a BBL can fill some loose skin. For moderate or severe sagging skin in your buttocks, you might need a butt lift with your Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Mang can go over your options based on your needs and concerns during your initial consultation.

Enhance Your Buttocks with BBL

The Brazilian butt lift can help patients attain the shape and figure they have always desired. If you want to enhance your buttocks and you prefer a natural method, we invite you to call Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Tampa, FL to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mang. Dr. Mang will create a detailed treatment plan, outline the cost of a Brazilian butt lift, and discuss various payment options.

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