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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup in Tampa, FL

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What Is Permanent Makeup?

If you want to avoid having to apply makeup every day or if you sweat easily, permanent makeup can offer an effective solution that enhances your natural beauty. During a permanent makeup treatment, we use artistic techniques and apply high-quality inks to achieve beautiful results. Cosmetic tattooing helps patients feel and look their best at any time of the day. It works really well for patients who have allergies to makeup, maintain an active lifestyle, or prefer an effortless morning routine. Permanent makeup can also help patients who have difficulty seeing or applying makeup because of certain medical issues. To learn more, we encourage you to call Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Tampa, FL, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang.

What Are the Benefits of Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery offers a range of benefits that can enhance one's beauty routine and boost confidence. Here are some of the advantages for patients in Tampa, FL:

  • Time-Saving: Eliminates daily makeup application, saving precious time.
  • Long-Lasting: Maintains its fresh look for several years.
  • Natural Appearance: Achieves a subtle, realistic enhancement.
  • Conceals Imperfections: Covers scars, pigmentation issues, and more.
  • Waterproof: Resists smudging, ideal for active lifestyles.

Are You A Candidate For Permanent Makeup?

With an artistic perspective and years of experience, Dr. Mang can help patients look and feel beautiful with permanent makeup. We offer permanent makeup for the eyebrows, eyes, and lips. These treatments can work well for patients who:

  • Possess thin eyebrows
  • Have vision or mobility issues
  • Have thin or light-colored lips
  • Possess a cleft lip
  • Prefer a permanent option to enhance the eyes
  • Have allergies to eyeliner or eyebrow makeup

At your consultation, we will go over your concerns and create a treatment plan that meets your needs.

Permanent Makeup Technique

At the beginning of your appointment, we will start by applying a numbing cream to reduce any discomfort. Prior to your treatment, we will create a detailed treatment plan that outlines your preferences and shows the selected colors for your eyebrows, lips, or eyes. We will confirm these colors before starting your procedure. Next, once you feel completely comfortable and your skin is numb, we will outline or fill in your brows or lips. This helps us determine the best shape before applying the color. Typically, the procedure takes about an hour to complete, but it depends on how many treatment areas you have. After the procedure, you can resume your daily activities, but you should avoid exercise for the next couple of days. We will also provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure your skin heals properly. In about 7 – 10 days, you should start to see your final results, which will last for a long time.

Permanent Makeup FAQ

Does getting permanent makeup hurt?

Everyone has their own unique tolerances for discomfort, but most patients don't find that getting permanent makeup is painful. Before your procedure begins, we will apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area to help keep you comfortable. If pain is a concern, talk to us during your consultation, and we can discuss options to make your permanent makeup experience at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery more enjoyable.

Is permanent makeup really permanent?

Unlike a body art tattoo, permanent makeup typically isn't permanent. Most patients can expect their results to last up to five years, depending on skin health, skin tone, sun exposure, age, and other factors. If your color fades, contact us to schedule a touch-up treatment to refresh your permanent makeup results.

How long does it take to recover after getting permanent makeup?

Most patients can heal within about a week to 10 days. You may experience minor redness, swelling, and tenderness for up to three days after your procedure. Even so, there is no recommended downtime, so you'll be able to return to your normal routine whenever you're ready. We do recommend that you avoid heavy exercise or exertion, wearing makeup, or sun exposure until you are fully healed.

How much does permanent makeup cost?
The overall price of permanent makeup will vary from patient to patient depending on a number of factors. During your consultation, our team will listen to your concerns and assess your situation to create a custom treatment plan. At that point, we’ll be able to provide a more accurate cost estimate.

Does permanent makeup look natural?
Of course. Our experienced staff have spent years mastering state-of-the-art techniques that provide results that look both gorgeous and completely natural. As such, patients do not need to worry at all about dramatic makeup styles being constantly on their face.

Effortless Beauty Routine

Permanent makeup offers a variety of benefits. From sleeping in later to maintaining your flawless look after an intense workout, you'll love your new effortless beauty routine. It can also help patients who have difficulty applying makeup because of a medical or vision problem. At Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Tampa, FL, we will work with you to determine the best colors for your permanent lip, eye, or eyebrow makeup. Each patient receives a detailed treatment plan and information about the costs during their consultation with Dr. Mang. Please call to learn more about permanent makeup.

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