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About Arm Lift Surgery

As a natural part of aging or from losing a significant amount of weight, you may experience excess, loose skin. At Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery, we offer arm lift surgery for patients who have difficulty toning and tightening their arms with diet and exercise. Also known as a brachioplasty, an arm lift removes excess skin from the elbow to the upper arm and tightens the remaining tissue. Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang is experienced at performing skin tightening and fat removal procedures. If you want to learn more about brachioplasty, please call us and schedule a consultation at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery.

Is An Arm Lift Right For You?

An upper arm lift uses innovative techniques to slim and excise excess skin. If you feel self-conscious about excess skin on your arms, and you prefer them to look trim and contoured, you are a great candidate for an arm lift. Before undergoing surgery, you should be in good health and near a stable weight. One of the most common symptoms for arm lift candidates includes hanging skin on the upper arms. During your consultation, Dr. Mang will assess your condition and develop a detailed treatment plan that aligns with your goals.

Surgical Technique

We will perform your procedure in one of our private, AAAHC-accredited operating rooms. Depending on your needs, we can combine an arm lift with other procedures, such as a tummy tuck, mommy makeover, or thigh lift. If we combine multiple procedures, you may require an inpatient stay for additional monitoring. Usually, an arm lift is done with general anesthesia and takes a few hours to complete. We begin your procedure by excising the excess skin from your elbow to the underarm. As we make the incision, we will try and conceal it as much as we can; however, you will have a visible scar. In some cases, patients may also need liposuction to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. If needed, we will perform liposuction before tightening the remaining skin. After the skin is pulled tight, Dr. Mang places the sutures. You will need to care for the incisions by keeping them sanitized, covered, and wrapped with compression garments.

What to Expect

Typically, you need about two weeks of recovery time. The most important thing is to rest with lots of arm elevation. You use your arms for more than you think so you should ease your way back into normal activities. Ten days after surgery, we will remove the sutures at a follow-up appointment. Until you receive permission from Dr. Mang, you will need to wear compression garments. For at least a month, patients should avoid all strenuous activity. However, to help with healing, you will need to incorporate short walks into your routine. If you experience excessive swelling, uncontrolled bleeding, fluid retention, infection, numbness in the hands or arms, or heavy scarring, please contact Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery for assistance.

Get Back Your Shape

Weight loss and aging can cause droopy skin underneath the arms. To combat this issue, Dr. Mang is proud to offer arm lift surgery, which can help improve your confidence. During your consultation, we will create a treatment plan that aligns with your cosmetic needs. To help you get the results you want, we accept several payment options. Instead of selecting a doctor based on cost, our payment plans can help you choose an experienced doctor, like Dr. Mang. We will also provide information on low-interest financing. If you are close to a healthy weight but still have issues getting rid of excess skin or stubborn fat, please call to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Mang at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Tampa, FL. Look and feel better with arm lift surgery.

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