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Breast Revision Surgery in Tampa, FL

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What Is Breast Revision Surgery?

Breast augmentation is one of the most effective cosmetic surgeries in America, and in the majority of cases, it provides beautiful results. Unfortunately, sometimes a woman can feel unhappy with the appearance of her breasts and may need breast revision surgery. Please keep in mind that not all breast revisions happen because of practitioner error. While few breast augmentations do end with a poor outcome, some women desire a larger or smaller implant, have a visible irregularity, or prefer to have the implant corrected or taken out. Additionally, some women require revision surgery for a particular health condition. At Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Tampa, FL, Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang will create a detailed surgical plan that aligns with your needs.

What Are the Benefits of A Breast Revision?

There are several reasons patients elect to undergo breast revision procedures at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery. If individuals want to adjust the volume of implants or take care of concerns from a prior aesthetic treatment, breast revision surgery will help you achieve the aesthetic you want with many amazing benefits, like:

  • Change implant size
  • Improves breast volume and firmness
  • Removes old implants for a simplified appearance
  • Replaces damaged or deflated implants
  • Adjust the location of implants (if necessary)
  • Addresses concerns like breast imbalance, rippling, implant shifting, etc.
  • Resolves concerns from previous treatments
  • Betters overall breast aesthetic and feel
  • Removes scar tissue
  • Removes pain and discomfort
  • Boosts self-esteem and self-image

Who is A Candidate For Breast Revision Surgery?

If you have any concerns, whether medical or cosmetic, about your breast implants, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Mang. During your consultation, he will listen to your goals or concerns and create a unique surgical plan. Breast revision surgery removes an implant that is not functioning properly or is no longer wanted. It can also help patients who want to change the implant size or go from saline to silicone. Breast revision surgery can help patients who experience certain conditions, such as:

  • Capsular contracture (scar tissue)
  • Bottoming out
  • Breast drooping
  • Implant rippling
  • Implant rupture
  • Symmastia
  • Size variations between the breasts


During your consultation appointment with Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang, he will get to know your cosmetic ideal and the reasons behind your current dissatisfaction with the existing implants. The motivation behind your breast revision might change the approach he takes to your surgery. However, in general, Dr. Mang will begin with an incision to excise the existing implants. Any apparent scar tissue will also be removed to create as smooth of a healing process as possible. Then, Dr. Mang will insert the new implant that addresses your goals as far as shape, size, and placement. You may wish to consider combining your breast revision with a breast lift if your new implants are smaller in size.

How Long is Recovery After BREAST REVISION SURGERY?

After your procedure and a brief observation, you can go home to begin your recovery. The overall recovery period will depend on the complexity of your surgery. Any type of revision surgery that uses complex revision techniques will require a longer recovery time, which can last up to several months. You should begin to see your results once the bruising and swelling subsides. Dr. Mang or a member of his team will discuss how to care for your incisions and provide detailed aftercare instructions. You should attend all of your follow-up appointments so Dr. Mang can ensure you are properly recovering.

Breast Revision surgery FAQs

How much does breast revision surgery cost?
Your cost for breast revision surgery can vary greatly depending on the complexity of your procedure. In your consultation, Dr. Mang will listen carefully to your needs and goals before performing a physical exam to assess your implants. Then, he will discuss your choices before developing your surgical plan. The cost of breast revision surgery will depend on the complexity of the procedure, plus what you choose for your new implants. It's better to concentrate on getting great results by choosing an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Mang, instead of the cheapest option. To help make your surgery affordable, Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery accepts several payments and we can help you find low-interest financing.

What if Dr. Mang wasn't my original surgeon?
Dr. Mang can perform your revision surgery even if he was not your original surgeon. Revision surgery is sometimes more difficult than augmentation surgery if you want dramatic changes or have problems, so it is important to find a plastic surgeon like Dr. Mang who has experience and advanced training in breast surgery. Dr. Mang also encourages his patients to come back to Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery for breast revision surgery after their implant surgery if they have an issue or would like new implants.

What about loose skin?
If you are getting your implants removed or are changing to a significantly smaller size of implants, you may need to have excess skin removed during your surgery. After hearing your goals and assessing your current implants, Dr. Mang can discuss the need for a breast lift to remove loose skin. If you lose a lot of weight, become pregnant, or breastfeed after augmentation surgery, a revision with a lift gives you better results.

Change Your Mind

Breast implant revision surgery is a specialized treatment that Dr. Mang can tailor to your specific needs. If you notice a problem with your breast implants or you want a different result, we welcome you to contact our Tampa, FL office to schedule your appointment at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Mang will listen to your concerns, consider numerous factors, complete a full physical assessment, and create your revision treatment plan. He will also go over the costs of breast revision surgery and discuss any payment options. 

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