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Asian Facelift in Tampa, FL

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What is an Asian Facelift?

With age, comes wisdom. However, it also includes some negative side effects, like wrinkles and saggy skin. Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang is proud to offer Asian facelift surgery to meet the needs of his patients. Often, patients of Asian descent have thicker skin, which requires a specialized technique to achieve the desired cosmetic results. Even though this thickness prevents fine lines and wrinkles, you may still experience drooping facial features. Using deep facelift techniques, Dr. Mang can help rejuvenate the complexion so it looks more youthful. The deep facelift will also target the buccal fat pads on the cheeks, which tend to look more prominent for Asian patients. During your surgery, Dr. Mang strives to provide a natural look while understanding your unique heritage. Please schedule a consultation at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Tampa, FL to learn more.

What Are the Benefits of an Asian Facelift?

Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang performs Asian facelifts for Asian patients in Tampa, FL who would like to achieve a younger-looking profile. The benefits of an Asian facelift include the following:

  • Designed to uphold ethnic identity
  • Natural-looking results
  • Youthful and rejuvenated facial contours
  • Improved self-confidence
  • More proportionate facial features
  • Firmer neckline

Can I Get an Asian Facelift?

If you are of Asian descent and you start to notice saggy features, a deep facelift can help your face look rejuvenated. During your consultation at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Tampa, FL, we will discuss your cosmetic goals, review your medical history, assess your skin, and develop a personalized surgical plan. We will also help set realistic expectations because the surgery will subtly enhance the overall appearance of your face. To ensure you feel comfortable with the surgical techniques, Dr. Mang will take the time to answer your questions and discuss any concerns you may have.

How is an Asian Facelift Performed?

When considering the type of facelift technique, Dr. Mang understands the important differences in facial structure and skin texture for Asian patients. He will also consider your heritage so your beautiful features are enhanced. Because thicker skin is more prone to hypertrophic scarring and keloids, Dr. Mang will make incisions that reduce the chance of this happening. He will discuss this in detail during your consultation. To help patients receive long-lasting, beautiful results, Dr. Mang typically uses a deeper facelift technique to reach the buccal fat pads. Depending on the severity of your skin sag, we may also address the neck. With many years of experience, Dr. Mang is an expert at selecting the best technique for your needs.

What Can I Expect After My Asian Facelift?

Because each patient's case is unique, the recovery time will vary for each person. After about a week, patients can resume their daily routine. Often, patients experience some discomfort, bruising, and swelling; however, these side effects should subside on their own. Sometimes, patients can experience numbness close to the incision site. As you continue to heal, this symptom will also go away. All of our patients will receive detailed aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing. We may also schedule follow-up appointments to assess your recovery progress.

Asian Facelift FAQ

What is different about an Asian facelift?

Typically, the skin of people of Asian descent is thicker, which tends to be more resilient against wrinkles and fine lines. However, they may still experience sagging or drooping skin. To tighten and firm the skin of the face, a specialized, deeper facelift technique is used that both improves the overall look of the face for a younger appearance while preserving ethnic features.

How much is an Asian facelift?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Mang at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery, he will examine your skin and talk to you about your aesthetic goals. He can then work with you to create an Asian facelift plan that meets your goals and will estimate the costs for your procedure.

How long is recovery after an Asian facelift?

Recovery time after an Asian facelift will vary for each patient; however, most will be able to return to their regular activities after about a week. Some patients may have some bruising, swelling, and discomfort, which typically goes away on its own. After your procedure, Dr. Mang or a member of his team will give you detailed instructions for aftercare and recovery.

Will I still look like myself after an Asian facelift?

Some patients are understandable concerned about altering their appearance too much with facelift surgery and, more specifically for patients of Asian descent, losing features associated with their unique cultural identity. Dr. Mang understands these concerns and takes great care to utilize specialized techniques and strategies during Asian facelift surgery that help to enhance rather than detract from your natural features while creating a more youthful look overall.

How should I choose a surgeon for Asian facelift surgery?

It is essential that patients considering Asian facelift surgery select a plastic surgeon, like Dr. Mang, who is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the complexities and unique nuances of Asian facial anatomy, skin type, the Asian facelift technique, and more.

What if I am not Asian?

Patients of all backgrounds can benefit by facial rejuvenation surgeries, and Dr. Mang is proud to offer a full range of facelift methods to help all men and women achieve the youthful look and boosted self-confidence they deserve.

Rejuvenate Your Look, Maintain Your Ethnicity

Asian facelift surgery meets the unique needs of Asian patients. If you experience saggy skin, Dr. Mang is a talented plastic surgeon who can treat these issues. Keeping your unique heritage in mind, he will select the best techniques that address thicker skin and buccal fat pads. At your consultation, Dr. Mang will develop a personalized treatment plan and discuss the costs. To help you pick a surgeon based on skill and not cost, we offer different payment options. Please call Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Tampa, FL to learn more about Asian facelifts and schedule a virtual or in-person consultation.

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