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How Long Can Breast Augmentation With Fat Grafting Last?

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When you want to achieve full breasts without breast implants, breast augmentation with fat grafting may be right for you. At Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang uses liposuction to remove body fat throughout the body, purify it, and transfer it to the breasts. Not only does this fat transfer in Tampa, FL improve the fullness of the breasts, but it also helps patients achieve a more sculpted figure. Our experienced plastic surgeon offers consultations to those interested in learning more about this natural breast augmentation.

Is fat transfer breast augmentation for me?

When you want to increase the size of your breasts or improve your shape, breast augmentation with fat grafting works well. For patients who want to avoid implants, this natural option uses liposuction to transfer fat to the breasts. To determine if this procedure is right for you, Dr. Mang performs an assessment at your consultation and will listen closely to your goals. To receive this treatment, you should:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Have fully-developed breasts

  • Possess enough body fat to transfer

  • Be done having children or breastfeeding

How does fat transfer to breasts work?

We perform your surgery in one of our private AAAHC-accredited operating rooms at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery in Tampa, FL. This outpatient procedure takes about two hours. To begin, we use local anesthesia at the liposuction incision. Once you are comfortable, Dr. Mang will begin the liposuction process and remove fat from the stomach, hips, thighs, or buttocks. During your consultation, he will discuss the best liposuction areas for you. Next, a cannula is inserted in the incision to extract fat, which is then placed in a centrifuge for purification. This purified fat is put into syringes and injected directly into your breasts.

Fat transfer to breast results

After your breast augmentation with fat grafting, you will need to care for both your breasts and the liposuction incision. Swelling and bruising are normal around the treatment sites. To ensure you heal properly, you will need to follow all aftercare instructions that Dr. Mang gives you at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery. We will schedule follow-up appointments in Tampa, FL, where we can monitor your results.

How long does fat transfer last in breasts?

As with any other fat transfer procedure, some of the fat that is extracted and transferred may die in the first several days. Also, a small amount may be absorbed by the body in the first few weeks or months. Most patients can expect up to 80% of their transferred cells to survive. Dr. Mang will recommend you sleep on your back for at least six weeks to avoid any direct pressure on your breasts, which causes fat cells to die. Once healing is complete, your results should be considered long-term. This is because your transferred fat cells will have established themselves with new blood vessels.

Achieve full and shapely breasts with fat grafting

When you want a natural treatment that avoids breast implants, consider breast augmentation with fat transfer in Tampa, FL. At Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery, women can achieve fuller and shapelier breasts and sculpt their figure with this innovative procedure performed by Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang. To learn more about the procedure and if you’re a candidate, schedule an in-person or online consultation today.

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