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Breast Lift with Augmentation

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A breast lift with augmentation is the combination of the mastopexy and breast augmentation procedure. Using implants or fat from the patient's body, our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang, can improve breast shape and size to create a beautiful outcome. Dr. Brandon-Dzung Mang is proud to perform this procedure at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery located in Tampa, FL. During the consultation, Dr. Mang will determine the proper techniques and create a customized surgical plan for you.

What are the benefits of a BREAST LIFT WITH AUGMENTATION?

Getting older, losing weight, childbirth, and more could change the look of your breasts, impacting your physical features and confidence alike. Breast augmentation with lift in Tampa, FL at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery brings a wide variety of advantages to boost and refresh your appearance, like:

  • Provides personalized factors for your specific concerns
  • Relieves lowered and shifted breasts
  • Boosts breast shape and volume
  • Shapes and contours the breasts
  • Enhances or reduces breast size
  • Repositions and reshapes the nipples
  • Adjusts the diameter of the areolas
  • Gives you a bouncier, renewed appearance


Many patients come to Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery for breast augmentation; however, after a private assessment, they realize that a breast lift with augmentation helps them achieve their goals. Good candidates for a breast lift with augmentation tend to have excess, saggy breast tissue. Usually, breasts that have decreased in elasticity require skin removal and tightening surgery to lift the breasts higher up on the chest wall. If your nipples point downward and your breasts appear stretched, a cosmetic lift and augmentation can improve their appearance. If you are considering a breast lift with augmentation, you should be in good health and at a healthy weight.
Breast lift surgery does not significantly change the size of your breasts or round out the upper part of your breast. If you want your breasts to look fuller, consider having breast lift and breast augmentation surgery.


A breast lift takes about 2 – 4 hours and is performed with general anesthesia. The timeframe for your procedure depends on the severity of saggy tissue. Based on your needs, Dr. Mang selects from different incision types, like the inverted-T or vertical. Next, Dr. Mang makes the incision, excises the saggy tissue, and removes excess fat. The remaining skin is tightened, and the breasts are positioned higher on the chest wall so they appear healthier and younger-looking. For most patients, the size of the areola is reconstructed and reduced to appear proportionate with the new breast shape. During this part of the surgery, we can insert an implant or perform a fat transfer. Additionally, we can always perform breast augmentation at a later date.


Recovery from a breast lift with augmentation will be more extensive than a breast augmentation surgery alone. Following the surgery, you will be fitted with a support bra to assist with swelling. A tiny tube is also inserted near the location of the incision to help with excess draining that may occur. The post-surgical swelling will decrease after a few days and Dr. Mang's team will provide specific aftercare instructions to assist you during the healing process. After the first few weeks, your results start to become noticeable as your newly shaped breasts begin to heal. Once fully recovered, your breasts will look and feel natural, and you will feel beautiful and more youthful.


Breast lift surgeries have transformed the lives of many Tampa, FL patients. If you experience sagging breasts that interfere with your daily activities or stop you from buying the clothes you want, a mastopexy can address these issues. During your first consultation, Dr. Mang will perform a thorough assessment and discuss your cosmetic goals. Before you leave, you will have a tailored treatment plan that outlines the cost and payment options. We encourage you to contact our team at Rejuve Aesthetic Surgery to learn more about breast lift with augmentation surgery.

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